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What is Supremum?

Supremum is the magazine of GEWIS, the study association for computer science and mathematics students at Eindhoven University of Technology. Having been around longer than GEWIS itself, Supremum has been a place for students to express themselves, read up on the latest research within the faculty, learn great recipes and much more. Honoring its name, Supremum sets the ceiling of what is possible for its more than 800 readers. Every. Single. Time.

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The Infima.

Introduced as "a strange or funny quotation from a teacher, student, or faculty member" in each edition, no Supremum is complete without its infima. Make sure to submit all quirky and funny things your fellow students or teachers say and read about it in the next edition.

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Play a part.

At Supremum, the doors are always open to collaborate with our members and faculty and have them reach the GEWIS members with their own message. Do you have an article, recipe, photo series, funny story - or something completely different - in mind that you would like to share with GEWIS through the magazine? Get in contact with us, so we can see together how we can make this happen!

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Not a (former) member, but still think you or your company can add something to the magazine? Get in contact with GEWIS's External Affairs Officer to discuss what is possible.

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